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The wiki as it stands:

The story index is nearly complete. What comes next is a basic template for a short-story page, eventually to include a short summary, a list of characters, locations, a publication history listing all appearances of the story (along with any unique introductory material, if possible), and anything else that seems useful. This template can then be modified for novels, essays, poems, etc.

Each character and location should eventually have its own page as well, so we can start mapping how they connect Lafferty's works. Obviously this is a huge undertaking, but those of you with a name taken from the books should at least mock up a page about that character.

These characters will come to include a number of real people as well, and we'll figure out how to handle that as we come to them—not just for historical allusions, but people biographically important to Ray, such as Virginia Kidd. And of course we'll need pretty early on a biographical sketch of Ray himself.

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—Andrew Ferguson / epiktistes

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