The Three Armageddons Of Enniscorthy Sweeny

The Three Armageddons of Enniscorthy Sweeny follows the life of a great playwright and the change in history of the 20th Century. The 20th Century is the golden century, the century in which humanity realizes war is no longer possible and universal prosperity and well being is. It starts with the inauguration of Harold Standpipe, the tall, thoughtful black statesman and humanitarian from Chicago as President of the US in 1901. Then in 1917, Enniscorthy Sweeny produces his first Armaggedon opera about a tremendous world war, and soon history adjusts to make it have been real. Then he produces his second Armaggedon opera about an even more horrific world war, and history adjusts itself again. They are preparing to produce his third Armageddon opera—as one historian notes, the situation worsens.

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